4 in 1 Herbicide Technology for Beet Crops

Betanal quattro is the first herbicide available that combines the four most important actives used in beet crops into one convenient product.

Betanal Quatto Infographic

The four actives combine to provide complementary knockdown and residual control of the most problematic broadleaf weeds in beet crops. The desmedipham and phenmedipham components provide contact knockdown activity while the ethofumesate and metamitron have some contact activity but also provide residual activity.

Betanal quattro is an optimised modern suspo-emulsion technology formulation that provides the strong efficacy on weeds while minimising damage to the crop. The optimised Betanal quattro formulation can reduce the amount of active ingredient required compared to other standard herbicide programmes used. Not only does this reduce risks of crop damage but brings a higher level of safety to the environment.

It has saved a lot of mixing, and the extra containers you usually get from application of separate actives, with results that continue to prove very good in terms of weed control.

Chris Horn, Waitaki Spraying

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