Convenient Weed Control in Beets

Previously it has been common practice to use "triple-mixes" of three separate products tank-mixed together for post-emergence weed control in beet crops. Betanal quattro is a convenient "all-in-one" formulation for post-emergence use in beet crops.

Ease of Use

  • One product instead of a mixture of up to three different products.
  • Less chances of measuring or mixing errors.
  • Reduces product or formulation incompatibility risks.
  • Reduces tank filling time.
  • Less packaging to transport and dispose of.

Flexibilty of Use

  • Can be used from cotyledon stage onwards of the beet crop.
  • Use rate flexibility. Use a rate between 2 - 5 L/ha that is suitable to the size of the beet crop and the size and intensity of the weeds present.

Safety to the Crop

  • Reduces risk of crop damage.
  • Reduces product formulation or incompatibility risks.
Having one mix certainly saved some valuable time, and cut down on the number of containers to deal with.

Gareth Isbister, Otago

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Control of Important Weeds

Betanal quattro controls the most economically important weeds in fodder beet crops including: annual poa, black nightshade, clammy goosefoot, fathen, field pansy, fumitory, groundsel, henbit, nettle, prostrate amaranth, redroot, sharp buttercup, shepherds purse, spurrey, willow weed.

* depends on weed size. See “Recommendations for Use” for more information.